Orebro Art College runs a two year course in fine art. It stands under inspection and supervision from the swedish authorities. All students have their own studio space and free selection among the courses of the college. Every semester the college does a extensive trip (the cost for this is part of the semester fee). The recent years more than 50% of the students that have applied for fine art on university level, has been accepted.

Jesper Blåder

Non-profit society

The college is run and owned by the non-profit society The Friends of Örebro Art School. This is a member of FRIKS, Free Art and Handicraft Educations. The society also has some other activities such as evening courses, lectures, exhibitions, art lottery and more. An important part of the activities are the scholarships that the society presents to young artists.

Membership in The Friends of Örebro Art College cost 150 sek for a single person, 300 sek for a family, company or organization.

The board of The Friends of Örebro Art College is also the board of Orebro Art College.

Cecilia Jansson – Identiteeth