Fine art

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The Basic Art Course / Fine art


The Basic Art Course (BAC) comprises 80 weeks and runs fulltime for two years.


The BAC is divided into courses with course parts that are selectable with ingredients like: drawing, life drawing, modelling, material knowledge, sculptural techniques, painting techniques, graphic printing, computer techniques, digital video, photography, screen printing, installation, performance, work environment, economy and so on. The student chooses from these course parts and puts together their own curriculum. There are continous lectures in life drawing, art theory and art history.

The emphasis is on personal development. A large part of the education is individually adapted. Critiques  are being done separate or in groups. As a part of the thery courses the student is required to write an essay.


An important element in the education are the college’s travels. They give direct meetings with contemporary and older art and are also valuable shared experiences. The college makes one longer trip every semester. These can go to places like Venice, London, Berlin or Paris. In addition shorter trips witihin Sweden are also made. The cost for these trips are included in the semester fee.


The cost per semester is presently 13000 sek. This fee shall be paid in full at the start of the semester.


BAC have 32 student seats. To be accepted at BAC you need to prove your artistic talent with examples of your work – a portfolio. You need to be 18 years of age and have completed the equivalent to swedish high school.

After our education you have good chances to be accepted for university studies in fine art.


BAC have three head teachers. These are responsible for the continuity of the education and can follw the students development during the two years. An important part of the course is that the student is put in contact with different ideas and expressions in fine art. The college therefor hires several guest teachers and lecturers.

At the college there are also a headmaster, janitor and administrative personnel.


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<p>The college has its facilities in a couple of buildings in the old military compound in Orebro, Sweden. The largest part is occupied by student studios. In addition there are student kitchen, wood workshop, metal workshop, a sculpture studio and more.</p>
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<p>Every student have their own studio space (approximately 5-10 m2). There are two big common studios for different courses and projects. There are also a library and a student gallery. The students have free access to the college facilities and much of the equipment also during evenings and weekends.</p>
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