Application for autumn 2020


Application shall consist of art work samples, a personal letter, a project description and a filled out copy of the application form. This form can be sent for from the college or downloaded here at the website. Click here. You can also apply directly here at the website. Click here.

Date of application

Last day of application is May 25 2020. Art work samples must have reached the college before that.


You can apply to the college if you have finished high school (upper secondary school) and speak and write swedish or english.

Samples of art work

To get accepted as a student you must confirm your artistic talent through samples of your art work. The following art works are compulsory:

  • Self portrait in a technique of your own choice.
  • Life drawings. At least three pieces.
  • Personal letter that explains why you want to study fine art and what your expectations on Orebro Art College are.
  • A description of a art project that you would like to work with for a longer time.
  • Four works (at least) of art in techniques of your choice.

All the above works must be sent to us if we shall be able to do an evaluation of them!

The art works must be packed and mounted well. Every single art work must be marked with the applicants name and address. You can send photographs of your art works. If so, they must be marked with technique and measurements of the original works, beside name and address.

Return of the art works

Mark on the application form if your art works shall be sent back to you with mail or if you will collect them. The school will charge you if you want anything sent back to you. The art works that shall be collected can be retrieved on a stated date If you do not collect your works will they be thrown away.

Application fee

There is no application fee.

Confirmation and student fee

Answer on application will come latest in early June. If you are accepted you need to confirm that you claim your seat at the college on a special form that will be sent to you. When confirmation is done you will get an invoice of 1500 sek (160 Euro) to be paid at the latest on August 1 as a down payment on the student fee for the semester. Otherwise you will loose your seat. The total fee for the semester is 13 000 sek (1300 Euro). When the semester starts the remaining part, 10 500 sek shall be paid immediately.

If you are entitled to Swedish study loan there is an extra loan to cover the student fee.

A student that in writing has accepted a seat at the school cannot get any part of the student fee back in case the student quits.

More information

Call us on telephone +4619311713 or +4619312311 or e-mail at if you need more information.


Örebro Konstskola
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