Apply for Orebro Art College

Application deadline for the autumn 2017 is May 7, 2017!
You are applying for Orebro Art College with examples of your art work. You can apply in two different ways. Either by filing or sending work samples and a completed application form to us. Or you can make your application entirely by e-mail.

Click here to download the application form (pdf).

Click here to make your application by e-mail.



Applications should consist of work samples, personal letter and two completed copies of the school’s application form. Application forms are available from the school office or here on our website.

Application deadline

Application deadline is May 7 2017.


You can apply to the school if you are 18, you can show your artistic talent and has undergone Swedish upper secondary school or equivalent.


To be admitted to the school artistic talent must be demonstrated by the following mandatory work samples:

• Self-portrait in any technique.
• Life drawing.
• Written description of why you want to pursue artistic studies and your expectations on Orebro Art College (roughly equivalent to a typed A4 page).
• At least four works of art.

For your work samples to be assessed it is required that all of the above works are included.
Work samples will be extracted and assembled well. Please feel free to send photographs of your work samples instead of the original. Be sure to include the original’s technique and size. Each individual work sample must be labeled with the applicant’s name and address. Orebro Art College takes no responsibility for the work samples.

Returning work samples

Mark the application if the work samples should  be returned by mail or not. Work samples will be returned at a fee that corresponds to the shipping cost. The work samples that will not be returned by post can be collected at Orebro Art College before the specified date. Not fetched work samples will be discarded immediately.

Application fee

The application is free of charge.

Confirmation and tuition fee

Notification of admission wil be done as soon as possible. At the latest by the middle of June. Admissions must be confirmed. Once confirmation is made you will receive an invoice for 1500 SEK to be paid as down payment for tuition fees up to 1 August. Otherwise you will lose your place.
The total tuition fee is 12 000 SEK. At the start of the semester the remaining 10 500 SEK is due immediately.
A student who, in writing, have confirmed, their seat at the school can not get the tuition fee back.

More information

Call us at tel +46 19 311713  or e-mail at if you need to know more.


Orebro Konstskola, Bevaringsgatan 14, 703 65 Örebro, Sweden