Visiting artist from Buffalo

FullSizeRenderGeorge Afedzi Hughes is an american artist. He is associate professor at the Department of Art at University at Buffalo in New York State, USA and have shows around the world. He mostly works with painting and performance. During a couple of weeks he has been a guest at Orebro Art College in Sweden. He has been a ”test pilot” for Orebro Art College’s and People’s Movement for Art Promotion’s new residency. At the college he has been working on a suite of drawings and held a lecture for the students.

George is born in Ghana and lived for two years in London before he ended up in the USA.

-Africa is embedded in my art, he says. I am interested in all human matters. But, of course, there is always an african seasoning in my work.

-I work project based. At this moment I am working with a series of drawings with old blueprints as material.

He has been to many different residencies but this is the first time in Sweden.

-The swedes are very polite, says George. They don’t stare at strangers. They mind their own business. It is not like in the US where every meeting is a confrontation.

-Your students are different than ours. More independent and artistically advanced. But not so curious. In the US a guset would have got lots of questions and requests from students to give an opinion on their work. That doesn’t seem to be the swedish way.

Cultural differencies interest George Hughes.

-It is good to have someone shoe you around when you come like this. You need to know little things like how much a taxi costs, were to buy food, if there is a gym and stuff like that.

-Had I been here longer I would have borrowed a bicycle.

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